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Welcome to Northwest!

Northwest Medical Center is committed to promoting healing, comfort, and hope in a safe environment for our patients and families.

Senior Health Services

Northwest Medical Center offers a variety of healthcare services for patients over 65 years of age. Our goal is to provide effective, comprehensive care that enhances the health and well-being of our seniors.

Wellness Center

Northwest Wellness Center is a medically driven facility designed to provide individuals with respect, attention, and knowledge to implement safe, effective, and successful strength and conditioning programs to enhance ones’ physical, physical, psychological, vocational and social well-being.

Wound Care Center

The Northwest Medical Center's Wound Care Program provides individuals a comprehensive approach to the care of chronic, non-healing wounds. Chronic wounds have many causes including diabetes, venous and or arterial insufficiency and pressure from immobility.

Northwest Sleep and Pulmonary Clinic

Northwest Sleep and Pulmonary Clinic offers treatment for any type of sleep or pulmonary disorder.
For an appointment with Dr. Neal Daniel, Dr. Jay Thomas Heidecker and Dr. James H. Strickland, Jr., contact the clinic today

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Northwest Wellness Center is now open 24/7
History of Northwest Medical Center
Throughout its rich history, Northwest Medical Center has remained intertwined with the growing community it serves.

The Winfield Hospital had its official opening in 1949 and since that time has been serving the primary health care needs of Marion, Fayette, Lamar, Walker and Winston Counties.

In this modern era, Northwest Medical Center has added many specialized services reaching beyond our primary service area into a regional service facility. A modern, well-equipped replacement hospital was built in 1998 and compliments the quality of our Medical Staff and patient care.

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About Us
Digital Mammography

Digital mammography can detect early-stage breast cancer.

If you're a woman 40 years of age or older, you should have a mammogram every year.

Schedule your mammogram today by calling us at (205) 487-7748. (A physician's order is required).

In the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea," the heroine cannot sleep because she can feel a very small lump, even though it's covered by dozens of mattresses.

In real life, we are not that lucky. By the time we can feel a lump in our own breasts, a cancerous tumor could possibly have grown larger and spread beyond the breast into other areas of our bodies.

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Patient Medical Records
Patient Medical RecordsNorthwest Medical Center's Health Information Department (Medical Records) creates, maintains and protects patient medical records. The Medical Record staff works diligently by completing "Release of Information" requests for patients and providing accurate medical chart information for insurance payments, while protecting private patient information.

Medical Release of Information

The process for requesting a patient's medical records includes obtaining a medical release of information authorization that is signed and dated by the patient.

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Patients and Visitors
A Word From Our CEO
The City of Winfield took a very proactive position in establishing the Hospital Authority Board and purchasing Northwest Medical Center from the previous owner.
Under the supervision of the Hospital Authority, Northwest Medical Center is now able to operate the hospital independently, much like in the days when Carraway Hospital of Birmingham managed Northwest. During that era the hospital became a medical hub, providing regional medical services for the three-county area. Once again it will be possible to grow and provide the best quality of care to the communities the hospital serves.
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About Us
  • History of Northwest Medical Center About Us
  • Digital Mammography Services
  • Patient Medical Records Patients and Visitors
  • A Word From Our CEO About Us