Bob Henger, CEOAs the administrator at Northwest Medical Center I want to continue to report on the hospital's progress. We recognize that it is more important than ever to update the community since the City of Winfield has acquired ownership of the hospital. I am particularly concerned that the hospital's reputation and support within the community is strengthened and we are viewed In the future as an outstanding hospital by our patients and citizens.

I can tell you without reservation that we have a very good hospital with excellent doctors, nurses and clinical services that strive every day to bring the best care to our patients. That doesn't mean we always get the result desired by us or the patient. Like every other hospital In America, when treating very sick patients, some do not always end up with a good outcome after being treated in the hospital.

Northwest Medical Center CEO Bob Henger sits down with Doug Threadgill of WKXM Radio to discuss news and happenings at the hospital. Take a listen.

Robert Henger, CEONorthwest Medical Center on Monday, June 17, welcomed well-known healthcare executive Robert Henger as CEO of the hospital.

Mr. Henger was originally hired as CEO of Northwest Medical Center by Dr. Robert Carraway in 1995 when the hospital was owned and operated by Carraway Medical Center of Birmingham. During his ten years as CEO the hospital became a regional medical center serving patients from the three-county area. A new hospital was built in 1998 along with a Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. The Cancer Center, owned and operated by Dr. Shelby Sanford, was also constructed on the hospital campus. Later a Physician Office Building and Assistive Living Center were constructed on the north side of the campus. Also, Northwest Hospital was the first rural hospital in Alabama to be approved to purchase an MRI unit. While the hospital grew in service and patient volume, the medical staff also grew to include Primary Care Physicians, Pediatrics, OB/GYN Physicians, General Surgeons, Cardiologists, Emergency Medicine Physicians and Radiologists. Sub-specialists in Podiatry, Orthopedics, Urology and Dermatology rounded out Medical Staff Services.

Primary Care clinics were built or established in Sulligent, Guin, Carbon Hill and Detroit.