Hospitals and health care professionals across the nation are in distress due to the financial and emotional impact of COVID-19. Rural hospitals are especially impacted due to the loss of income from clinics, doctors’ visits, and elective procedures. Expenses continue at the same rate while revenues have plummeted. The financial impact to our hospital and other rural hospitals across the nation will not end at the conclusion of this pandemic.

Despite these challenges, Northwest Medical Center is dedicated to survival. We plan to be here to serve Brilliant, Guin, Gu-Win, Sulligent, Glen Allen, Winfield and our three-county area for many years to come. We are devoted to maintaining our staff, clinics, and services intact and plan to emerge from this crisis in a better position for future growth and development.

To ensure our longevity, we are reviewing all state and government opportunities including the accelerated Medicare Payment Program for acute care hospitals, Paycheck Protection Program, and possibly USDA grants and loans. As opportunities present, we plan to pursue them.

To our State Representative and our Congressman, to community patrons that provide supplies and support for our hospital and community: Thank You! Special thanks to all First Responders in our communities working together on this common mission. Medical-Surgical, ICU, ED nurses and respiratory therapists: Thank You! Nothing could be accomplished without the many support people inside and outside of the hospital going above and beyond to ensure continual supplies are here to meet daily operational needs: Thank You! Special thanks to all our physicians, Nurse Practitioners and clinics that continue to serve on the front lines. From all of us at Northwest Medical Center, we thank you for all you are doing to provide for and support the hospital!

Michael Windham, CEO

Hometown Heroes

Bob Henger, CEOAs the administrator at Northwest Medical Center I want to continue to report on the hospital's progress. We recognize that it is more important than ever to update the community since the City of Winfield has acquired ownership of the hospital. I am particularly concerned that the hospital's reputation and support within the community is strengthened and we are viewed In the future as an outstanding hospital by our patients and citizens.

I can tell you without reservation that we have a very good hospital with excellent doctors, nurses and clinical services that strive every day to bring the best care to our patients. That doesn't mean we always get the result desired by us or the patient. Like every other hospital In America, when treating very sick patients, some do not always end up with a good outcome after being treated in the hospital.

Northwest Medical Center provides services at the main hospital campus, satellite clinics and professional office buildings. Providing a wide range of services that focus on the needs of your patients is our primary objective. However, we realize that there are some concerns shared by physicians who make referrals. One of these is ease-of-access. Physicians and their office staff want to experience and know that referrals can be handled efficiently and quickly.

At Northwest Medical Center we strive to assure that the admission or the transfer process of your patient is smooth and hassle free. The ultimate response is to ensure efficient patient handoff, with timely return back to the community for continued care management by the referring physician.

Our ongoing commitment to quality improvement means that we strive to support our referring physicians with dependable, efficient and timely service.

We hope your experience is always complaint free, but if you have any concerns about our service, please call my office at 205-487-7555.

Michael D. Windham, MBA, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer