Bob Henger, CEOAs the administrator at Northwest Medical Center I want to continue to report on the hospital's progress. We recognize that it is more important than ever to update the community since the City of Winfield has acquired ownership of the hospital. I am particularly concerned that the hospital's reputation and support within the community is strengthened and we are viewed In the future as an outstanding hospital by our patients and citizens.

I can tell you without reservation that we have a very good hospital with excellent doctors, nurses and clinical services that strive every day to bring the best care to our patients. That doesn't mean we always get the result desired by us or the patient. Like every other hospital In America, when treating very sick patients, some do not always end up with a good outcome after being treated in the hospital.

It's my job as Administrator to guarantee we provide patients with outstanding care and successful outcomes. We want every patient and family to leave our hospital as a satisfied customer and return to the community in a healthier state. When mistakes occur it's also my job to see that they are corrected and don't happen again. We look carefully at every complaint that is received and work to immediately attend to their needs if they are still a patient in the hospital or carefully discern and follow up on any complaint if it comes to us after the patient is discharged.

What's most disturbing is when we hear someone in the community saying something very damaging to the hospital's reputation about the care of a patient without knowing what really occurred in their care at Northwest. I know for a fact, we don't make many mistakes and when we do they are taken very seriously and corrected. If you ever have any questions or concerns about the hospital or a patient's care, please visit or call me direct at 205-487-7555. I take very seriously our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our patients and community. I expect our hospital to grow and become one of the best rural hospitals in Alabama.

On behalf of the Northwest Board of Trustees, I wish to thank you very much for your continued confidence and support of Northwest Medical Center.

Bob Henger