The following measures are currently being put into place at Northwest Medical Center in order to protect our employees, patients, and community from the COVID-19 pandemic threat.

These guidelines are based on criteria established by the Centers for Disease Control and Alabama Department of Public Health.

Effective immediately:

  • A screening process is in place for patients, supply vendors and employees.
  • Patients who have met criteria set by the Centers for Disease Control (fever ≥ 100.4, cough, trouble breathing) will be tested for COVID-19 at the discretion of the Emergency Department physician.
  • A dedicated phone line has been established for the community to contact the hospital in order to obtain guidance. That number is 205-487-7999. If this line is busy, callers will be redirected to a number set up by the Alabama Department of Public Health.
  • The front door of the facility is now locked and no one will enter the hospital except through the Emergency Department screening station. This includes incoming patients, caregivers, and supply vendors.
  • Until further notice, no visitors will be allowed in our Senior Care Unit or in the Emergency Department. Approved caregivers for patients on the Medical Surgical unit will be screened at the Emergency Department Entrance prior to getting access to the hospital. Any other visitor access will need prior approval based on necessity.
  • The Wellness Center and Sleep Center are closed until further notice.
  • The cafeteria is closed to the public until further notice.
  • Outpatient testing hours will be from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. All patients will enter the hospital through the Emergency Department screening station.

Our front-line staff members are keeping abreast of the recommended guidelines and are diligently putting processes in place to protect everyone to the best of our ability. The guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control are evolving hourly, and we will do our best to keep you apprised of any changes as we put these into place.

Northwest Medical Center would like to encourage you to check on your neighbors, particularly those who are elderly or have health conditions that prevent them from handling day-to-day chores such as grocery shopping, prescription refills or other tasks. Groceries or medicines can be left at the door without making close contact. A friendly phone call will go a long way in letting your neighbors know that someone is there to help. And please remember, the best way to protect yourself and minimize the chance of passing the COVID-19 virus to someone else is to stay at home!

Below is a recording of an update on the Corona Virus which aired on Winfield Radio Station WKXM. Present were Northwest Medical Center CEO, Michael Windham, Dr. Gary Thomas and Winfield mayor Randy Price. Please keep in mind that this is a rapidly changing situation and we may have to change the way we do certain things as the situation warrants. We will do our best to keep our citizens informed as more information becomes available. This broadcast is posted here for those who may not have had access to it when it was presented live.