Bill Atkinson Awarded High 5 Star Award by CEO, Bob Henger

At the September 19 meeting of the Northwest Medical Center Advisory Board, CEO Bob Henger presented the hospital's "High 5 Star" award to Bill Atkinson for his long-standing support and service to the Winfield Hospital. As he presented the award Mr. Henger said, "I can’t list the hours, thought or actions Bill Atkinson has given to the preservation of Northwest Medical Center and I know he is a humble man that seeks no human applause, but he so represents the meaning of this award in going beyond the ordinary and expected performance and demonstrating exceptional service and compassion for this hospital."

The "High 5 Star" award is presented to those who go above and beyond their ordinary, every day duties and provide exceptional service to our patients and families and to the hospital.

Congratulations Bill Atkinson and thank you for your dedication to Northwest Medical Center!