Construction Foreman Barry Rogers briefs visitors on ICU project at Northwest Medical Center

As the new ICU project at Northwest Medical Center continues to progress, executives from Davis Architects and Robins & Morton Construction visited the hospital on Wednesday, June 24. Shown are (L - R) Josh Cain, Sr. Project Manager, Robins & Morton Construction, Jim Hartsell, Vice President, Davis Architects, Michael Windham, Northwest CEO, Julee Potter, Executive Vice President, Davis Architects, and Steve Reed, Director of Plant Operations, as Construction Foreman, Barry Rogers updates the group on the project.

The new ICU area is designed to offer optimal protection with minimal exposure to infectious diseases for staff, patients and families. Once the ICU upgrade/relocation project is completed, Northwest Medcial Center will have an advanced facility, well-equipped to manage the risks posed by COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and provide excellent care for our ICU patients.