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Coming soon! Northwest Medical Center will be re-opening our Swing Bed Program. Plans are already in motion to bring back this much-needed service to our community. The Swing Bed Program is an important piece in the health care service we provide and we look forward to once again being able to offer this valuable program to our patients. 

What is the Swing Bed Program?

NWMC Swing Bed Program is a short stay program designed for patients discharged from our facility, or any other hospital, following an acute illness, injury or surgery, who still need time and physical strengthening before going home. The Swing Bed Program eases the transition from acute care to home by providing patients with access to highly trainedand caring medical professionals close to home. Our swing bed patients are cared for in spacious, private rooms.

Meet our Swing Bed Team

Swing Bed Team

(Front Row L-R) Janet Pollard, Occupational Therapy, Rachael Jones, Physical Therapy (Back Row L-R) Tina Sherman, Activities Director, Kathy Wright, RN, Mandy Taylor, Director of Case Management, Angela Tidwell, RN, Case Manager/Swing Bed Coordinator

What services are offered?

  • Around the clock assistance from skilled nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners/Hospitalist who follow patients during their recovery
  • Rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy in collaboration with Encore Rehab Therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Case Management/Discharge Planning

Recovery Close to Home

What are common uses for Swing Bed?

  • Hip or knee replacement therapy
  • Rehab following a stroke
  • Prolonged IV therapy
  • Wound Management
  • Strength training after prolonged hospitalization

How do I qualify for the Swing Bed Program?

  • A minimum 3-night acute care hospital stay
  • Traditional Medicare will cover up to 20 days, in full, for patients meeting the requirements for skilled services
  • Other insurance plans, such as HMOs and independent carriers, will be based on coverage plan and medical necessity

In order to remain in swing bed you must participate in skilled therapies and show progress. Your progress will be assessed at least weekly and discussed with you by members of our health care team. Case Management will be conducting discharge planning to assist with transition of care from sing bed to the next level of care.

What happens after the Swing Bed Program?

Each patient makes progress based on individual medical needs and rehabilitative potential. the multidisciplinary team will continuously monitor your progress and evaluate new goals until they determine you are ready for discharge.

Your Case manager will assist you with discharge planning, which will begin after admission and continue through discharge.

You may be referred for outpatient rehabilitation, home health services, durable medical equipment or an exxtended skilled nursing facility according to your recovery during the seing bed stay. Our goal is to ease your transition from swing bed to the next level of care.

NWMC partners with Encore Rehab

For more information about Northwest Medical Center's Swing Bed Program, contact Amanda Taylor, BSN,RN, Director of Case Management at 205-487-7704.

Download our Swing Bed Brochure here