Long Waits in Emergency Departments

The hospital Emergency Department is ideally designed to treat urgent healthcare needs, but in many cases it is the choice for care of non-urgent conditions. This results in crowded Emergency Department waiting rooms and extended waits for service. Many times, the answer to overcrowded Emergency Departments is for non-urgent patients to be treated by primary care providers who may offer extended and weekend hours.

Treatment for minor falls, cuts, headaches, blood pressure checks, glucose level checks and other low acuity conditions can be handled by primary care physicians or nurse practitioners, at a lower cost and shorter wait time than the typical Emergency Department.

Clinics Offering Extended and/or Weekend Hours:

(Click the Clinic Name for more information and hours)

Northwest Family Care Clinic
Northwest Primary Care Clinic
Sulligent Medical Clinic

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Visiting the hospital emergency department can be a stressfull experience at best. The emergency department is often busy, the patients there are usually very sick or may be injured and it's easy to become frustrated when things don't move as fast as we think they should. We've put together a short video to help explain what you should expect when you visit our emergency department and how we do things to give each patient the care and attention they deserve and expect. Hopefully, the video will answer most of your questions and will help you understand what is going on behind the scenes while you are in the emergency department.